5 Stereotypes about Recruitment Process Outsourcing that aren't always true

The recruitment process outsourcing industry has grown in recent years due to the role that recruiting plays in attracting, hiring and retaining top talent. However, despite this growth and increased emphasis on staffing practices, there are still many misconceptions about RPOs and how they operate as well as the reasons why organizations choose to outsource their recruiting activities to an external service provider. This article will address five of the most common misconceptions about recruitment process outsourcing companies and will present the facts that show why each of these myths is not always true.

Good candidates are easy to find-

Truth be told, it can be difficult to find good candidates for certain positions. However, there is no reason to panic. This business is all about providing a solution for a problem so if you don’t have qualified applicants from your pool of applicants then you must consider expanding your pool of applicants by reaching out to other industries and sources. The key here is to try and try again with new tactics each time until you can get something right. It might take some trial and error but eventually, you will reach success.
So yes, outsourcing the recruitment process outsourcing is not always as easy as they make it look but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any benefits either. If anything, those benefits far outweigh any negatives which should motivate any company to at least give RPO a chance even if they are having trouble finding talent through traditional means.


Stereotypes about Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The costs are the same no matter which means of recruitment you use-

While it’s true that providers may all charge a base fee for using their platform, recruitment process outsourcing can come with hidden costs in other areas, too. For example, if you want your consultant to provide feedback on whether or not your job description is performing well and to offer tips on how to improve it so you’re attracting better candidates through higher conversion rates, then they’ll probably charge extra for that service. In addition, some consultants also charge an additional flat rate based on every hour of work they do for you; while others will charge by the project. The cost of recruiting process outsourcing varies widely depending on which provider you choose and no two are exactly alike.
When comparing prices between different providers, make sure to take into account any additional fees that might apply such as those listed above as well as any potential savings from choosing one provider over another.

RPO companies are good at communication-

The truth is that companies run by in-house recruiters and managers don’t generally share a lot of information with candidates about why they weren’t hired, what went wrong, or if there were other options. RPO agencies do care about transparency, as every successful placement helps their bottom line. They’re willing to spend extra time on each candidate to make sure they understand why they weren’t selected. And since they have more money at stake, they tend to be better communicators overall.

IT recruitment can be done remotely-

It’s understandable that people have concerns about sending sensitive information to a foreign country. Yet, almost all companies work with RPO providers located in India or other countries where English is a primary language, and employees are well-educated with training in recruitment. If you have questions about working with RPO providers from overseas, talk to someone who has used their services, ideally one who is based in your country. You can also ask to speak with some of their clients directly. This will help put your mind at ease about hiring an outsourced firm for IT recruitment.

Success depends on your recruiter-

Many believe that they can carry out all or part of their recruitment process outsourcing on their own. But it is a mistake to underestimate how crucial your consultant or recruiter is in helping you outsource successfully. They can provide some added value by planning and designing a customized solution for your requirements. At Vanator, we have experts who can provide you with services such as resume preparation, tests, interview training, etc. for you to achieve maximum results from recruitment process outsourcing.

It’s a wrap-

A lot of people have misconceptions about recruitment process outsourcing, especially when they are not aware of the importance of this particular service. If you believe that there’s no difference between hiring employees in-house and using the recruitment process outsourcing, think again and outsource your services for better results and growth.

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