Technology recruiters have been around for quite some time now, but Non-IT recruiters are still very much in their infancy and are highly misunderstood by IT professionals, hiring managers, and even other recruiters. Non-IT recruiters have pros and cons just like everything else. If used wisely they can be a valuable resource but if used poorly, a waste of time and money. Unlike IT recruiters, Offshore Non-IT recruiters do not recruit for technical backgrounds they recruit for other non-technical job profiles, they locate candidates, screen candidates, support hiring managers and potentially equip the end-to-end hiring process.
There is a common misconception among Non- IT recruiters, that they think that IT staffing firms only cater to IT industries, which is not true. Hiring a Non- IT recruiter can help with more than just software development positions, for example- if you are looking for someone to head your HR team or accounts department, then hiring a Non –IT recruiter will allow you to get in touch with experienced professionals.
RPOs are essentially important since they offer both proficient IT and Non- IT recruiters at the same spot for recruiting the best people in all categories be it technical hiring or other job role hiring. Non-IT recruiters work on a vast variety of open options apart from IT sectors, they mostly function in open positions in Sales, Retail Manufacturing, Pharma, Banking, etc. A few job titles for example are- Quality Engineer, Nurse, Cashier, Sales manager, production manager, etc. Recruiters are important for both employers and job seekers. They save employers time and money by identifying candidates with skills that fit their organization’s job openings, then efficiently sifting through large applicant pools to find those most qualified. Non-IT recruiters are a dime a dozen; they’re easy to find, but not all of them are equally good or equally honest with their candidates and clients. Regardless there are a number of benefits to using Non- IT recruiters over in-house IT recruitment teams-
Firstly, they have a much wider network than an in-house team meaning they will be able to source better candidates who may not be actively looking for roles.
Additionally, they’re less likely to be biased due to their lack of working relationships with existing employees and will often provide more honest feedback on CVs when compared with colleagues who may feel resentment if a candidate is selected over one of their own.
Finally, it can also save money as hiring a recruiter is typically cheaper than employing someone internally.
However, before hiring Non-IT recruiters it’s important to consider whether your company actually needs external help finding talent.


When to hire Non-IT recruiters-

Hiring is a costly endeavor. Some companies spend around 25% of their revenue on employee turnover costs. That’s why many companies have started outsourcing their recruitment efforts to firms specializing in recruiting candidates for Non-IT jobs. If you’re looking to fill your vacancies faster, then hiring Offshore NIT recruiters may be a better option than doing it yourself. There are several advantages to using an outside agency over hiring an in-house employee, some of which are outlined below.
Let’s take a look at how they can help your company and what type of person they will look for when filling positions.
– Better access to quality candidates Recruiters specialize in sourcing and filtering through job applications
-. This gives them more time to focus on finding top talent that matches your company’s needs rather than simply managing an endless flow of resumes.
-Using specialized software, they can also scan through resumes more quickly and efficiently than most HR departments could ever hope to do alone.
-They are also able to use their connections with other companies as well as their own internal database of candidate information to find people who may not have applied directly for a position but would be a good fit for your company.

It’s a wrap-

Non-IT recruiters are a rare breed. They are highly sought after for their ability to recruit talent for jobs that require skills and qualifications. They are able to source good talent for a number of different roles which include pharma, accounting, marketing, writing, and business development. While IT recruiters are better known, Non –IT recruiters have their own part to play in successfully recruiting for a business. Non-IT recruiters run a full-fledged operation of hiring the best candidates in their capacity and making the most out of available resources by streamlining the process.

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