Busting the common myths about the RPO Company. 1

Every one of us carries countless stories inside us and of our life happenings. Therefore, each being is a natural storyteller. Each one of us recounts anecdotes that depict more about our lives, consequently, one knows oneself better as well as seeks comprehension of others. As the affirmation suggests “Myth is, after all, the never-ending story”. There is a certain period where one recalls themselves and their experiences briefly and becomes trapped in their own accounts or fantasies.
But with broad thinking, unprejudiced attitude, and succeeding with Pollyanna Principle, one can liberate oneself and can open the different pathways and excel to achieve the summit of success.
Taking the consideration the countless examples related to our life, the trending marketplace has somewhere or other myths or misconceptions about the processing of an RPO.
At times, individuals feel burden due to the complexity in their jobs or finding out the best hobbies in their daily routine. But with the productive lifestyle and setting the targets with to-do lists, the complexity converts into a simpler way.
The same notion hold for recruitment solutions carried by Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Company. Individuals themselves think that it is a giant, large-scale outsourcing company collaborating with only big brands.
But that is not so, with its monumental growth in the past years RPO has transformed to meet the flexible demands of the myriad industries and has turned out to be more strategic and innovative at each stage.
Below are mentioned the certain misconceptions regarding the RPO that depicts the different countenance of it.


An RPO doesn’t need to incorporate the entirety of all of the organization’s permanent recruitment requirements. Say one specific division of the organization that needs the hiring of a large number of talents. With the service of Sourcing Support and Screening support which does a detailed study of the job applications of a large number of candidates in a short span of time, concludes in meeting the fundamental prerequisites of the standard objectives of the organization. Project RPO is a white-labeled partnership that is far more ahead than using any nominal staffing agency.

Busting the common myths about the RPO Company. 2


This is a highly trending myth that an RPO is a too expensive or overpriced organization, however, it is not true. On the grounded level RPO Company lessens the extra resources and standardized only the necessary resources which lead to a reduction in the cost prices by 20% to 40 % for varied sizes of any organization.
With the avail of services like fast-paced sourcing, reduction in time-to-hire the best talents, improving efficiency for generating long-lasting competitiveness, and much more. An RPO partnership can never mislead the objectives of the organization. Hence, delivering the optimum results.


RPO has seen explosive growth since the past decades of its emergence in the market, and currently, it is in the race to grow bigger and better. In a true test of its durability, RPO has evolved to meet the changing and challenging needs of rising demands. Hence, becoming more strategic and nuanced with each level. Gone are the days where RPO was just subjected to giant gigs. Nowadays, it is small and medium organizations are looking forward to adopting recruitment solutions like a water of tap with the ability to turn it on and off, according to the required needs.


By picking RPO administrations, the organizations have complete responsibility to outsource the entire recruitment process, this does not mean that the representatives will lose control of the organization’s structures. With the facility of Recruiting Support and the VMS Recruiting Support RPO partners provide fully transparent metrics on their performance to keep themselves accountable to the entitled organization. Furthermore, RPO partners will be enabled to drive the talent acquisition program and assist in making the most informed decisions, but those final hiring decisions will always be under the control of the entitled organization to make.


Simply entering into an RPO partnership will not mystically vanish all the recruitment challenges. Dedicated RPO Company works on certain parameters like sourcing, screening, selecting, and hiring top talents. But the real flourishment generates when both the captains align to work together to improve processes and fix the loopholes in the outgoing rhythm of the workforce. And, it starts with the organization and recruitment team utilizing the advanced technologies skill, and assets to give a clear reflection of the essential improvement.
Vanator RPO, innovation is driven by executing strategic recruitment methods.
If you would like to build resilience by acing your organization in the worldwide market along with the top-notch recruitment solutions. We are here for suggestions and recommendations to touch the pinnacle of success together with your organization.

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