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Considering Offshore Recruitment Support? Why Use an RPO Company:

Every company aims to efficiently hire the best-fitting talent. However, organizations often find themselves without the proper resources and infrastructure to keep up with growing recruitment needs. This can occur with both short-term projects that require them to quickly ramp up hiring, or with long-term and ongoing needs for top-notch candidates and a strong pipeline. In any case, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) companies can help these organizations more efficiently meet their recruitment goals using streamlined processes, allowing them to find qualified talent while saving time, hassle and costs.

So, What Are Some Reasons Why Organizations Are Turning to RPO Services?


Sometimes, a company’s internal recruiters may not be well-equipped or have the time necessary to hire employees at a high volume or for highly-skilled roles. Vanator maintains unique teams of recruiters who are experts in serving positions of various levels throughout various markets and industries. These resources abide by set recruitment processes that have been optimized over time and allowed them to create and maintain relationships with candidates in whichever fields they serve.


Outsourced recruitment allows organizations to concentrate on engaging their workforce in developing strategic plans to further their growth. They are able to pass on the hassle of discovering new talent to dedicated experts, who provide quality service while helping cut overhead and waste. Meanwhile, internal HR departments are able to focus more on the immediate needs of their organization’s employees and less on finding and developing additional internal recruiters. Vanator’s RPO solutions augment your recruitment team with on-demand resources who are available when you need them, and easily able to scale up or down based on your recruitment needs.


Vanator takes care of the full-cycle recruiting process, from sourcing active and passive candidates to screening and negotiations, and delivering qualified submissions of candidate profiles. Our recruiter-on-demand model consists of flat fees that are inclusive of the infrastructure and all necessary tools used by our recruiters, such as phone lines, our internal database, and access to multiple job boards and an AI recruiting platform. We operate through monthly relationships with our clients, providing predictable cost structures and improved processes without binding them into long-term commitments.


RPO companies and their specialists have mastered the latest job search and recruitment technologies, allowing their clients to benefit from these tools without having to invest time and resources into learning them. Along with knowledge of recruitment tools, Vanator’s technology recruiters hail from technology-related background themselves and receive further training in the domains that they serve.

Developing Current Model

RPO companies can help clients investigate and develop their current recruitment models by identifying the best areas for improvement and operating through centralized processes with a uniform approach. Vanator provides recruitment support through tailored solutions that improve quality and speed by outsourcing some or all of your recruitment process, depending on your company’s specific needs and characteristics.

What Benefits Can RPO Provide Over Time?

In the short-term, companies can expect RPO to streamline their recruitment efforts through simple, scalable engagement models that are easily adjustable for low- and high-volume periods. Over time, cost-per-hire is reduced, and productivity is increased due to less effort spent on time-intensive steps in the recruitment process. In the long-term, outsourcing your recruitment process will lead to increased quality-of-hire and lower turnover rates, as well as allow your RPO provider to develop and nurture strong talent pipelines to facilitate future hiring.

When it comes to hiring skilled employees, RPO companies are able to provide value to organizations of all lifecycle stages, from growing startups to established enterprises. By outsourcing, these businesses are able to not only fill positions more quickly and effectively, but also enhance their employer brand and attract more quality talent to their organizations.

Whether a company is experiencing high growth and has specific high-volume recruitment needs or requires a streamlined recruitment process for ongoing recruitment across functions, Vanator can be of service.

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