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The pandemic has drastically impacted our outlook on our personal as well as work life. Work from home is the new trend, earlier it was one of the least common perks received by any working professional however post-pandemic people have realized that even work from home can be effectively executed. It is now a part of people’s lives and they have come to terms with ease from the comfort of their houses. The trends and statistics demonstrate the acceptance of the hybrid task force model and show stern belief of people in work from home culture as it promotes and impacts quality work-life balance. This culture has offered convenience to the working class. People prefer to cut short on their expenses of traveling and invest in healthy living while being able to work proactively from their respective places. However, there certainly are a few essential job areas that need an on-ground man force to efficiently perform and execute the day-to-day activities. They cannot be sheltered away or put under the carpet. The choice of work from home is now entirely dependent on the nature of the job and the work profile of the candidates. Here comes the need to cultivate a recruitment strategy for building a fierce hybrid task force.

ultivating a recruitment strategy for building a fierce hybrid task force

What is a hybrid task force-

A hybrid task force is an amalgamation of work from home and works from the office based on the opportunities and company requirements. It is the process of making office work flexible for people post-pandemic as per their convenience. People can choose their work model whether they want to opt for 100% work from home or work from the office or they would like to balance their working hours according to the need of the job. The ratio of flexible office spaces is supposed to expand in the coming years as per estimated by the recent trends and records.

Perks of a hybrid task force-

Regardless of the comfort that working from home has to offer it still could be an unhealthy practice when it comes to the physical health of employees or routine activities. However here are a few of its advantages that will always have an upper hand-

•Enhanced productivity-

The hybrid task force model gives employees more time for themselves and eases to perform. They can save a lot of time and choose to work at convenient hours when they feel the most productive. They are saved from the exhaustion of traveling or sitting in one place in this office which can help them generate more output.

•It’s safer-

In this pandemic time, we have all learned our lesson and the importance of health. For times like these when candidates feel exposed due to any contagious family member or themselves, they can opt to work from home to reduce the risk of falling sick or infecting others through a hybrid task force model.

•Improved retention rates-

Employees have gotten used to spending a lot more time with family in this pandemic and ultimately realizing the importance of family time, child care, and so on and so forth. The hybrid task force model helps in keeping them happy and satisfied with the job through work-life balance. Thus resulting in improved retention rates.

What could be done to recruit talent for making a hybrid task force and make a statement?

Crafting this model and successfully executing it has been a tough change for the recruitment process outsourcing industry. However, there are a few steps that help facilitate the hybrid task force model-
• Know if the hybrid task force model fits in with your organizational structure and will it be fruitful if implied. This can be tried and tested with a particular section of your business first. Virtual hiring at such times could reflect your efforts toward building a more flexible work environment for your employees.
• The online world is your way to rescue yourself from the hustle. Technology is capable of facilitating recruitment online today and this could give you a kick start. Analyzing your recruitment strategy is important and then deciding what area of work can be streamlined or improved using technology.
• Using brand names to attract potential talent could be your go-to recruitment process outsourcing formula for a hybrid task force model. The use of social media or social networks can help you establish a connection with job-seeking eligible candidates and interactive media can also spark curiosity among them to join your employer’s brand.
• Communication is always the key. Try to communicate your ideas and work culture to candidates and listen to their needs and analyze accordingly.
• Building a connection with your employees and amongst them could be a tricky situation and face-to-face interactions have decreased. This could be a challenge post-on-boarding but it is important to plan out strategies to maintain the connection between employees and the organization through effective solutions like virtual meetings, daily interactions, fun activities, and so on.

It’s a wrap-

In this world of advanced technologies and post-pandemic introspective insights, it is now time for the world to adapt to changes and work accordingly. The formula for the success of companies during such times is entirely dependent on their technical advancements. It is time for the world to adapt to this new hybrid task force model trend and procure growth with efficiency.

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