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Recruitment is a meticulous process, it requires time and effort. But many companies like to outsource their recruitment process to save money and time. But somehow, many companies find it difficult to implement and get the same quality as they would get from the in-house recruitment process. There are many companies that outsource their recruitment process every day, so this is not a new concept. Recruitment process outsourcing can be a tricky business, you may get the same quality as you would get from an in-house recruitment process but it all depends on your plans and how you handle it. So don’t just opt for recruitment process outsourcing and leave it to chance, make thorough plans and get everything covered.
The most important thing to do is to make sure you have clear objectives and that you are clear on what you want, or in other words, what you are looking for in a recruitment agency. You will also want to review their business model and philosophies. You should ask questions that are specific to your business, such as:
1. You should not choose recruitment process outsourcing just because you don’t like doing it or it doesn’t fit into your business model. Just because a process is boring or complicated, do not outsource it.
2. Before you outsource the process, you need to understand the process and how it impacts your business.
3. You should focus on how to outsource the process and learn more about it.
4. You should give your team the freedom to outsource the process and decide as per the needs.
5. If you are using recruitment process outsourcing for the first time you should make sure you have a dedicated resource for the process, who can help you with the process.
6. You should always have a meeting with the outsourced partner before you start outsourcing.
7. You should have a detailed agreement with the outsourced partner so there will be no scope for misunderstanding.
8. You should not outsource multiple processes to one partner until you are 100% sure that they are reliable.
9. You should outsource only one process to a partner until you are 100% sure that they are reliable.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the latest trend in the recruitment industry that is gaining momentum every day. With RPO recruitment companies have an opportunity to completely outsource their recruitment process and enjoy hassle-free recruitment. But this comes with certain challenges. Recruitment process outsourcing brings many benefits but it’s not completely smooth sailing.
When you are outsourcing your recruitment process, you need to first and foremost determine that if you should outsource or not. You should set realistic expectations with the outsourced agency. They are a business just like you are. You should give them some targets. Do not demand hard deadlines, but do set a reasonable time for the task to be completed. One good thing about recruitment process outsourcing is that the work is done at a much faster pace. This is because you have freelancers from all over the globe and hence you can get the expertise from anywhere. Just ensure that you are diligent in tracking the progress of the project.

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Steps to follow-

-Contact a good recruiter/ recruiting agency
– Be honest about your needs and also the expectations that you have.
– Be ready to discuss some details about your business so the recruiter gets an idea of the kind of candidates you are looking for.
– Don’t forget to review the candidates submitted by the recruiter before making a selection.
– Don’t forget to follow up with the in-line candidates.
– Don’t forget to follow up with the recruiter. You should stay updated about the candidates unless you already hired someone.
– Don’t accept candidates that sound “too good to be true”.
– Do make sure the candidates meet the standards you have set for your team.
– Do prepare for the interview, this will help you to make better decisions.
– Do remember to thank the recruiter for the work he/she did for you.

It’s a wrap-

The success and failure of your company depend on the quality of your recruits. Recruitment Process Outsourcing is one of the best tools to achieve that quality. With the help of recruitment process outsourcing, your organization will get access to highly skilled and experienced recruiting experts who can identify and attract the best talent in the market. Hence, it is vital to have a proper hiring plan in place as it plays a major role in making the best hiring decisions.

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