Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About RPO and Vanator

What is RPO?
What are RPO providers?
What is Vanator?
Who can benefit from Vanator’s RPO support?
How will Vanator’s RPO solutions benefit my company?
How is RPO different from contingency recruiting?
Is RPO only for large companies?
Will using RPO save me money?
Isn’t it cheaper to build an internal recruitment team?
Will I have a say in how the RPO is run?

About Our Services

What services does Vanator provide?
What is included in Vanator’s RPO support?
Which tools and technology do you use?
How does the engagement work?
Will I be working with a real person?
What’s the difference between a sourcer and a full-lifecycle recruiter?
How experienced are your recruiters?
Do I get to choose which recruiters work on my company’s behalf?
What types of roles does Vanator work with?
What’s a qualified submission?
Is there a minimum duration or level of commitment?
Will I be charged based on the number of placements or open requirements?
Will Vanator’s RPO work for seasonal or temporary recruiting assistance?
Do I retain control of the final hiring decision?
How quickly can Vanator ramp up my recruitment team?
Is there way for me to test Vanator’s services?

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