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Today, Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment process looks so promising. Artificial Intelligence is one of the evolving technologies gaining immense popularity every year. AI technology has automated almost every industry vertical. As it can analyze large amounts of data and can estimate the best possible outcomes. Since every industry is leveraging AI into its services. The recruitment firms are no left behind. AI in recruitment ensures smart, efficient, and data-driven recruitment. It automates the hiring process and performs a deep analysis of job descriptions. Auto screening of the resumes and scheduling the video interviews. Moreover, AI-based solutions have a higher level of accuracy. In comparison to human recruiters; it only requires a few seconds to analyze a large amount of data.

The involvement of AI in the recruitment process has accelerated the recruitment lifecycle. It has reduced the candidate sourcing cycle time by 40-80%. And has allowed the HR professionals to plan candidate engagement policies.

Why AI in recruitment?

As per resources, AI technology expected to take over 20% of the recruitment process. In the next 10 years.

The reasons why AI required in recruitment are below:

AI can help in finding qualified and skilled candidates. At the right time, AI-enabled solutions watch huge databases of the candidates. And identify the patterns. That signifies a candidate’s willingness for a new opportunity.

AI solutions increase the recruiters’ response time. Communication channels like automated emails and texts. The AI technology giving recruiters enough time to interact with the candidates.

Unlike humans, AI doesn’t believe in biased hiring. With the special programming algorithms, AI solutions reduce biasing. Assisting in the identification of deserving and qualified candidates. Which sometimes missed by humans.

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How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing recruitment?

AI has simplified the traditional recruitment process. And has changed the way human resources used to operation hiring candidates. Intelligent Screening Software’s introduced. They save recruiters time in the shortlisting process of the candidate. It offers less IT support and provides real-time interaction. With the candidates through chat bots. With online interview software, it has become easy for recruiters to understand. Who to shortlist for further rounds. According to IBM, artificial technology can predict with 95% accuracy. Which employees are about to quit their respective jobs. It takes the feedback from employees. Including the reason for leaving, area of improvement. Which helps the recruiters in defining effective employee retention methods.

Benefits of Using AI in Recruitment

Improved Quality Hiring

Artificial Intelligence based solutions improve the quality of hire. The technology analyzes the hiring patterns of a particular organization. And helps in identifying the best suitable candidates. Which would immediately join the company as well.

Less Time to Hire

AI-based solutions need a few seconds to analyze the amount of information. And revert with effective outputs. Which consider in finalizing the hiring decision.

Improved Performance of the Hiring Teams

ATS (Application Tracking System) helps in achieving automation in the recruiting process. ATS stores the candidate’s resumes over the cloud. Where it is easy to maintain and search through the candidate’s database. It also helps in managing and optimizing the recruitment life-cycle. AI in ATS helps in boosting the performance of the hiring teams.

Final Thoughts

By amalgamating technological abilities with crafted experiences. Recruitment process outsourcing partners are the most relevant resource to help businesses. By helping them to shape their path in the world. Vanator is a leading RPO service provider. It uses expert virtual recruiters and AI recruiting technology. Helping to increase business efficiency while reducing costs and scaling hiring initiatives. Interested in hearing from recruitment technology professionals on upcoming talent acquisition technology innovations? Contact us.

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