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This pandemic COVID-19, has surely brought up a difference in the way we live, we think, and the way we are. Be it any business or any field, the ways have changed.

If we now talk about RPO services, hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic has become a task in itself. The hiring function of companies has affected in such way. That the demand for appropriate candidates is not fulfilled by any of the industries. There is a need for proper strategic planning. To hire the right professionals. But standing right in the middle of this situation it is difficult for the companies to focus. On recruitment rather than focusing on the economic downfall. And other issues related to company growth.

Candidate screening has always been an essential part of the recruitment process. Keeping the pandemic in mind, virtual recruitment is a simple process. That is going to stick around during COVID-19 and can be one solution for most of the problems. Virtual recruitment is a process where video technology used for conducting interviews. This process is effective as it is way quicker and easier than on-site.

The New Normal Recruitment In Context With COVID-19 | Vanator 1

How can RPO’s help

In general these days – the candidate shortlisted on the basis of their resume. And those shortlisted candidates will approach to connect with the RPO. Keeping in mind the present situation and safety measures. The candidate will then interview via video conferencing tools. Where skills, competencies, and vision of the candidate will measure. And it will ensure whether their skill set matches the company and position very well or not.

Along with this introduced process, recruitment services are now more focused. On building candidate pools and relationships. As now work from home is the new normal. It is very essential to maintain a relationship of employees with one another as well as the company.

Our expertise in VMS recruiting has always made the distribution of requirements. And collection or candidate submission, interview scheduling, and coordination more easy and effective.

As the new normal is coming into existence. It is important to understand and upscale the procedures and strategies. The need and benefits of the RPO’s are quite visible now. And our timely and efficient services will meet your varied hiring needs. Which will result in leading towards a successful future.

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