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Companies of all sizes and lifecycle stages can benefit by outsourcing recruitment functions. To RPO providers, who feature recruitment specialists with the right tools. And industry expertise to optimize their recruitment processes. Despite the value that RPO can provide to companies’ strategic objectives. Many myths and misconceptions about RPO services float around in the market.

Below we share our perspective on some of the most common concerns:

RPOs Take Jobs Away from In-House Teams

The goal of an RPO firm is to become a strategic partner. Who complements and enhances the output of its clients’ in-house recruitment teams. RPOs have the right people, technologies and methodologies. To work with in-house teams to reach the best outcomes. And in the process make the workload of in-house teams more efficient so they can do their business goals. Offshore recruiters meant to improve inefficiencies in your recruitment process. And help fill the positions that filled; their goal is not to replace in-house staff, but to support them.

RPOs Cannot Attract Talent Better Than In-House Recruiting Functions

RPOs provide valuable support to in-house recruiting functions by using proven technologies. And methods to attract large pools of skilled and qualified candidates. With the core capability of recruiting, they have the specialized knowledge. With skills and training to develop sourcing pipelines. And find top talent in a competitive and evolving environment. They are able to avoid many of the tasks that corporate recruiters are responsible for. And are better able to engage with passive candidate. Providing extra support in specific areas. Along with almost immediately being able to increase or decrease recruiting capacity.

RPO Services Are Too Expensive

While RPO may not be the least expensive option for every recruitment solution. There are a lot of ways that RPO services from virtual recruiters help bring down costs. These include:

• Faster and more accurate sourcing
• Decreased agency expenses
• Lower time-to-fill
• Reduced turnover
• Enhanced efficiency

Investing in an RPO partnership helps companies optimize their recruitment expenditure. And capabilities over time. As both partners work with the goal of reducing recruitment costs. While increasing the quality of hires.

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Companies Lose Control and Transparency with RPO

Although a team of virtual recruiters will not be in the same physical location. As a company’s in-house team, this does not mean that RPOs are not accountable to their clients. Reputable RPO firms will be both collaborative and transparent. Providing ongoing communication and regular performance metrics. RPOs may actually help you gain control. By being able to hold them accountable for expected reporting and results. While they will have a role in the talent acquisition process. And assist you in making well-informed decisions. The final hiring decisions will always remain in your hands.

RPO Partnerships Can Dilute Culture and Employer Brand

Recruiters understand that being a client’s talent team requires understanding. Of the organization’s values and brand. They immerse themselves in the cultures of their partners, and work. To develop their employer brands by improving the candidate experience. And increasing hiring manager satisfaction. RPO recruiters are able to work with clients. To learn how to enhance the perception of their employer brands. And upgrade their communications and messaging.

Staffing Agencies Have Better Reach in the Market Than RPOs

Since RPO services are applicable to companies of different sizes. Lifecycle stages and various types of objectives. RPO recruiters can actually have a wider reach and understanding. When it comes to filling roles across industries and job levels. Also to reaching the people with the right skills. RPOs are better able to engage with the right candidates. And test them against requirements and organizational cultures. Even staffing agencies often use RPO firms for these purposes.

RPO Only Works for Large Organizations

It is true that many large companies have RPO, and the solution might have catered to them . But, small and medium-sized business today are more interested. Than ever in offshore recruiters. And RPO providers are well-equipped to meet their needs. Many of these companies can use support in sourcing quality talent. Especially while undergoing periods of expansion. They are able to take advantage of the benefits. Of large-scale recruitment outsourcing solutions. While having the freedom to scale up and down. According to their changing requirements. RPO service providers are able to offer dedicated teams. Flexibility and a high return on investment.

RPO Is a Long Term, All-or-Nothing Solution

While RPO can be a full-lifecycle recruitment outsourcing solution. Virtual recruiters used for other cases including only resume sourcing. Handling a few hard-to-fill positions. As needed, or serving specific verticals and geographic markets. RPO solutions specialized and provide endless possibilities. Of customization depending on specific recruitment needs and challenges. They can work as short-term solutions or long-term commitments.

RPO Focuses on Quantity Rather Than Quality

RPOs tend to be less transactional than other types of agencies. And using RPO recruiters to increase hiring volume does not mean sacrificing quality. RPOs aim to provide the best of both worlds by streamlining the sourcing. And shortlisting functions to improve speed and volume. While also emphasizing client satisfaction and hiring quality, and reporting on these metrics. They use creative strategies and tools to improve the employer brand. Of their clients as well as rank the applicant experience for increased quality.

RPOs Win and Clients Lose

RPOs are not here to sell discount services or make a quick buck and abandon their clients. RPO solutions that formed and implemented with transparent. And accountable firms will allow both providers and clients to achieve success. Through productivity and efficiency. RPO’s offshore recruiters are able to not only tackle their clients’ immediate hiring. But to also build talent pipelines and communities. That allow clients to be better prepared for future talent needs.

Our Advice

Choose an RPO provider who understands the risks involved in the industry. And is able to address the common myths and misconceptions that they are up against. Vanator prioritizes understanding our clients’ concerns as well as expectations. We dedicate to streamlining their recruitment processes. To reduce costs, decrease time-to-fill. Also improve quality-of-hire using the best recruiters, tools and insights. Contact us today for a consultation to how our RPO solutions may serve your hiring needs.

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