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What Is RPO?

One of the human resource outsourcing industry’s fastest growing segments, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a business model in which an employer outsources all or part of its recruitment process to an external service provider with the goal of improving cost, quality, scalability and overall efficiency.

What Are RPO Providers?

RPO providers are third-party companies who possess the proper staff, technologies and methodologies to take on the responsibility of placing top talent into the organizations they serve. They act as brand representatives and extensions of their clients’ internal HR or recruiting functions, with a singular focus on fulfilling their recruitment needs while reducing time-to-hire, improving quality-of-hire and delivering cost savings throughout the process.

Why Are Organizations Turning to RPO Services?

To concentrate on engaging their workforce and further developing business strategy while dedicated experts handle the hassle of talent acquisition.

Streamlining their recruitment process through full-cycle recruiters-on-demand with predictable cost structures and improved techniques.

Benefitting from the latest job search and recruitment technologies without having to invest time and resources into training for them internally.

Scaling their current recruitment initiatives with tailored solutions that identify the best areas for improvement and adapt to their organization’s specific recruitment needs.

Why Choose Us?

RPO Services 1

We form strategic partnerships with our clients, bringing them increased flexibility, scalability, and performance.

Efficiently add as many recruiters as needed to address spikes in hiring, new business initiatives, product launches, etc.

Expand your capabilities almost immediately with customizable end-to-end recruitment solutions

Seamlessly scale up and down depending on your short and long-term recruitment needs

What sets Vanator apart from the rest of the lot is the intersection where human touch meets progressive technology.

Our recruiters work as extensions of your team, dedicated to your projects and striving to help you fill your positions faster and more effectively. We combine their expertise with state-of-the-art AI recruiting technology to better discover and deliver qualified and interested candidates, quickly increasing the efficiency of your recruitment process.

Faster, more thorough candidate search

The data-driven platform provides an advanced understanding of concepts that recruiters are seeking for, beyond the capabilities of simple keywords and traditional recruiting methods.

Profiles from every available recruiting source

Candidates are obtained from a variety of sources, including social and professional websites as well as job boards and our internal database.

Quicker, more complete engagement

Data-driven insights and intelligent shortlisting of qualified candidates allow recruiters to more effectively build connections with the right talent

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24/7 Sourcing Support

Our industry experts overcome global time barriers to provide round-the-clock services. We develop a deep understanding of our clients and their industries to deliver the talent they need, when they need it.


Recruiting Support

Resources with expertise in serving various industries perform full-cycle recruitment on our clients’ behalf. We ensure that all clients are able to interview and select recruiters who are up to their standards to work with them.


Screening Support

Recruiters withholding years of experience and in-depth knowledge determine candidates’ availability and active requirements. Active and potential candidates are enlisted only after extensive screening and shortlisting.


VMS Recruiting

This service caters to the necessity for swiftness, using powerful search tools and data-driven insights to identify and screen candidates. We are quick, resourceful and efficient from sourcing to submitting candidates to the end-client’s VMS.

Ready to improve quality and reduce turnaround with best-fit candidates submitted directly to you when you need them?

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