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Human assets are the most valuable of them all. It is crucial for any business to choose its employees wisely in order to prosper. Technology advancements have their part to play in a competitive environment but talent provides a cutting edge over competitors. RPO companies here play a major role in recruiting potential and provide a better chance of saving some extra bucks on the allocation of resources and talent. Finding the candidates in the industry of recruitment can get tedious. It requires a variety of planned strategies to execute successful hiring and data-driven recruitment here enhances the chance of potential hiring. Data-driven prospecting entails a lot of things like measuring, gathering, collating and analyzing talent. This helps in identifying the best suitor for a job role.

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Benefits offered by data-driven recruitment-

The usual methods of recruitment include job boards, social media, referrals, etc. However a large amount of talent remains untapped and data driven recruitment targets, such candidates. The benefits that are associated with data driven recruitment are-

•Better quality recruits-

Data-driven recruitment gives you a chance to make more informed decisions. This recruitment data is unbiased and helps recruiters rank their candidates as per their abilities with a holistic approach.

•Speedy hiring process-

Data-driven recruitment makes the task of assessment easier and this timeframe of recruitment is easily achieved. The recruiters are aware of the candidate’s skills and background well in advance which helps them to cut the chase and hire at a faster pace without compromising on the hire quality.

• Improved retention rates-

Data-driven recruitment gives an edge to firms with their predictive analytics. This data not just tells about a candidate’s qualifications but also covers other aspects like cultural behavior, societal understanding, etc. This helps recruiters understand the candidate better and hire accordingly. Data-driven recruitment has proven to improve retention rates and thus better employer branding and reduced hiring expenses

•Forecasting future growth-

With data driven recruitment recruiters are successfully able to manage time, resources, and budget. This process saves a lot of recruiting energy and if the data is collated and analyzed wisely the chances of successful hiring enhances. This also leads to predicting future growth based on talent and management contributions.

How does data driven recruitment and prospecting work?

The prospective data is curated over time keeping in mind certain parameters for determining the ideal traits of a candidate. This highly optimizes Human Resources allocation and reduces time and cost. Here are traits that are put to consideration to find the ideal candidate-

• Skills- It is important to assess and know about the abilities of prospective candidates. This indicates how efficient a candidate is and skills are more relevant in the case of technical job roles.

• Location- Geography is also an important category for determining eligible candidates. Knowing the location of candidates offers us a chance to determine the probability of job acceptance. It saves time and effort. For some job roles a person from a certain geographical location is mandatory as he/she is well versed with the area and can help the company.

• Title of job- The title of job or job title is useful in determining the potential a candidate has and it also reflects upon the experience held by candidates.

• Work experience- These details are essential to validate the ability of a candidate, his/her work behavior, and ethics. It also tells about candidates’ experience in the field and how well acquainted the candidate is with the job role offered.

• Time period- Knowing about the job period can help assess the chances of candidates switching their current organization. Employees who have lasted more than a year, it is most likely to choose a better opportunity and switch if given a chance.

• Technical knowledge- Knowledge about the technical experience of a candidate can suffice in various ways. It helps in understanding the skills of candidates and how well they can be utilized.

It’s a wrap-

Data-driven recruitment comprises a calculative interpretation of a candidate’s ability to perform. It is most likely to generate strong candidature and improve the ability to perform. Data-driven recruitment gives an upper hand to recruiters with qualified candidates and the ability to recruit candidates in time due to precise data work done in advance. Data benefits the organization in many ways and saves a lot of effort. It also helps in prioritizing the needs of employer brands and suggesting them candidates based on existing information. This will help the agencies build strong at a speedy pace and thus proceed towards a brighter future ahead with promising candidature.

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