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What do Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Talent Acquisition Management Software (TAMS) have in common? They both rely on people in order to provide business value and solve the problems they set out to solve. In fact, you could say that technology solutions like RPO and TAMS are only tools used by recruiters to get the job done, they don’t eliminate the need for these talented professionals to make them useful or effective.
You may not realize it, but talent acquisition technology is in dire need of people right now. In the same way, software needs coders to do the coding, talent acquisition tools need content writers and other professionals to make the tools effective and successful with their users. Yet, the demand for talent acquisition technology is high and it’s not an easy industry to break into if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Recruitment needs humans because recruitment needs to be personal-

Even if you’re utilizing some form of recruitment process outsourcing, it’s critical to remember that it takes real people and a personal touch to connect with job seekers and convince them to come work for your company. If candidates feel like they aren’t being treated well or there isn’t a positive vibe from your team, they will be unlikely to move forward. In fact, only 30% of employees who quit their jobs do so because they found another opportunity; 70% leave because of poor management or a bad boss. It doesn’t matter how advanced your recruitment technology is if you don’t have good managers overseeing it all.

How tech can make it easier but it also needs human intervention-

The recruitment process outsourcing market, a subset of human resources outsourcing, is an industry projected to reach $20 billion by 2022. The growth that’s expected over such a short period can be attributed to new talent acquisition technology tools that make it easier for recruiters to find and attract top candidates, decrease time-to-hire and lessen costs associated with bad hires. However, technology doesn’t work without people involved. Sometimes it requires more people than before. This is why recruitment process outsourcing companies are partnering with other companies that provide temporary staffing services. The need for people to manage artificial intelligence: Companies use artificial intelligence software as part of their recruitment strategy when they can’t find enough skilled workers who meet their requirements on their own or through traditional means like employee referrals or social media sites like LinkedIn.

Talent Acquisition Technology

The top 5 reasons recruiters will never be obsolete-

Recruiters are important for various reasons. Here are just a few-

1. Candidates are people too, and they like to talk to real people when considering a new job.
2. Humans have a knack for spotting false or misleading statements; automated systems lack these instincts, which means candidates often see right through them.
3. Robots don’t always know what companies are looking for, meaning your open positions may never be seen by potential candidates if you rely on technology alone for outreach.
4. Automated systems can miss key details about a candidate that recruiters will notice immediately.
5. Sometimes it takes more than an algorithm to find the perfect match for your company and algorithms can’t do that work!
As recruiters continue to play an integral role in talent acquisition processes, we must remember that our industry isn’t so much in need of people as it is in need of good people!

It’s a wrap-

With each passing year, we see more companies adopting technologies to help with their hiring efforts. Yet a recent report shows that many executives admit they’re unsure if recruiting software makes a difference at all. They need more information on how recruiting technology actually works and what it can bring to their business. By learning more about recruitment technology, talent acquisition professionals can find answers to common challenges and get better at what they do. That’s why today we are looking at why talent acquisition technology is in need of people and how it is important to have a human touch as there are certain roles that technology cannot fit in as correctly as humans themselves. For nearly a decade, talent acquisition has been mostly reliant on technology. Companies have used software to create and manage job postings, process applications, sort resumes, and hire top talent. While these tools are powerful and effective, they lack humanity which many companies will tell you they need in order to attract new hires. The truth is that talent acquisition should never be automated. It’s an industry that requires a human touch and real conversations with candidates in order to find success.

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