Who We Are

Vanator takes pride in being one of the fastest-growing RPO firms & offshore recruitment agency and service providers with client demand from all over the world. Our industry experts possessing over two decades worth of experience came together to give birth to Vanator, bringing about a revolutionary change in the industry of recruitment process outsourcing and recruitment services in India.

Professional and seasoned Vanator recruiters help clients at every step of the way, from the primary groundwork of data collection to screening and all the way up to placements. Recruiters are trained in our recruitment company and training academy to satisfy client-specific needs, groomed to understand the cultural and ethical sentiments of the client, and delivered with the accountability of performance. Supplementing their expertise with artificial intelligence-based recruiting technology allows them the ability to provide clients with exceptional human capital like no other can.

As a center of excellence in addition to the backbone of the best recruitment services, Vanator also helps clients and their company with training and grooming their own workforce. Field experts offer training services to clients to help them improve their processes in order to make recruitment more efficient. Vanator is what fills the existing gaps in the recruitment process with smart solutions, emotionally intelligent recruiters, and round-the-clock service to satisfy the needs of a global clientele. Our talent is finding yours.

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The Team

Our company’s foundation is based on our team of industry specialists who came together as one—as Vanator. On top of the skills, the pyramid lays our major strength, flexibility. We cater to an array of industries when it comes to recruitment outsourcing, which is in sync with us having experts from multiple industries under the same hood. One part of our team specializes in discovering the right kind of talent from the masses, to suit your needs. They are experts in data collection, processing, and screening to deliver the right candidates for the job. Another part of the team is dedicated to training recruiters to help them become experts. Our team plays many roles—supporting, guiding, teaching. Choose your needs today.

Your Need. Your Time. Your Requirement. One Solution: Vanator.


Our Mission

At Vanator we prioritize accountability and promote transparency while providing RPO services. We are defined by our team of trained and seasoned experts, who use their experience with the added elements of intuition and instinct. While the element of humanity guarantees continuity, the technological leap forward ensures perfection.

Our Vision

Vanator RPO Services have commenced a futuristic journey to bring about a progressive change in recruitment process outsourcing. While emotional intelligence and a human touch play their respective eminent roles, Vanator’s team of IT recruitment experts is dedicated to developing their own blockchain technology to eliminate the loopholes and gaps of the present-day recruitment industry.

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