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As excellence centric in addition to acting as the backbone of prominent recruitment services, Vanator also guides their company and clients with grooming and training their own workforce. Field experts offer training services to clients to help them improve their processes in order to make recruitment more efficient.

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Our industry experts who possess over two decades worth of experience have come together and given birth to Vanator, bringing about a revolutionary change in the industry of recruitment services and redefining the dimensions of recruitment process outsourcing in India and USA.

Professional and Seasoned Recruiters

Recruiters at Vanator help clients with their pedestrian walk, they engage in the primary groundwork level of data collection to the screening process and all the way up to onboarding or placements.

Technology-Based Recruitment

We supplement our expertise with artificial intelligence-based recruiting technology which allows us the ability to provide our clients with exceptional and unmatched human capital.

Leap high on the ladder with best quality support

With best RPO firm in USA at disposal, you can always seek perfection and precision. They cater to you with top notch talent and specialised management services.

Our Vision

At Vanator, our vision is to revolutionize talent acquisition, creating a seamless bridge between exceptional candidates and top-tier companies, reshaping industries through the power of strategic recruitment approach.

Our Mission

Our mission at Vanator is to be the forefront of RPO innovation and strategy building , providing tailored solutions that exceed client expectations, while nurturing an inclusive, growth-driven culture that empowers our team to excel in transforming businesses all around the world.

Expand Your Reach and performance with Vanator’s Expert Recruiters

Vanator is proud to be one of the vigorously flourishing service providers of the RPO industry, an offshore recruitment agency with clients demanding and landing their faith in us from all around the world.

Let's hear it from our Directors!

Vanator in order to take its clients to new heights prioritizes accountability and promotes transparency while providing RPO services. We are defined by our team of trained and seasoned experts, who use their experience with the added elements of intuition and instinct. While the element of humanity guarantees continuity, the technological leap forward ensures perfection as we have always wanted to deliver.

We at Vanator, have commenced a futuristic journey to bring about a progressive change in the world of recruitment process outsourcing. While emotional intelligence and a human touch play their respective eminent roles, Vanator’s team of IT recruitment experts is dedicated to developing their own blockchain technology to eliminate the loopholes and gaps of the present-day recruitment industry. We believe in a hands-on approach to becoming the best service provider in the industry.

Meet our Field Experts

Learn from our field experts about their business tactics that will help you rank high on the graph.

Gaurav Sharma

VP- Recruitment & Delivery

Dilip Rai

Project Lead- Recruitment

Ritik Sharma

Manager- Digital Marketing

Latika Ogra

Head- HR

Yamini Chadha

Assistant Manager- HRBP

Prerna Kotlia

Manager - BD & Client Relations


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F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you navigate your way through the recruitment process and services. We answer your queries and provide you with the information you seek!

All the RPO firm in USA in current time are competitive and evolving each day to provide their clients with improved results. These RPO firms in USA are specialized companies that offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing services to other organizations. They handle various aspects of the recruitment process, from sourcing and screening to candidate selection. They are responsible for all recruitment related services for any business.

RPO firms in USA involve outsourcing the entire recruitment process to an external service provider . It focuses on sourcing and hiring the right talent. BPO Industry, on the other hand, involves outsourcing specific business processes, such as customer service or accounting, to external providers for improved efficiency and cost savings.

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing, where a company entrusts its entire recruitment process or a part of it to an external service provider rather than doing it internally for better talent acquisition . This includes sourcing, screening, and hiring candidates. US staffing, on the other hand, refers to the process of recruiting individuals to work in the United States, typically involving compliance with US labor laws and regulations. This also includes sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, but ensuring compliance with US labor laws and regulations during the hiring process.

Outsourcing recruitment services  through top RPO firm in USA offers multiple advantages for your business . Firstly, it allows companies to access a vast talent pool, increasing the likelihood of finding the best talent . Secondly, it saves time and resources for the company, as the external provider handles the entire hiring process. Additionally, outsourcing can lead to major cost cutting , as it eliminates the need for in-house recruitment teams who would otherwise turn out to be much expensive as they have several other responsibilities as well apart from recruitment . Moreover, specialized recruitment firms often possess seasoned expertise and market insights that can further enhance the hiring process's effectiveness.

Offshore recruitment refers to the process of hiring employees from foreign countries to work for a company located elsewhere. It is often done to access a larger talent pool, reduce costs, or tap into specialized skills that are not readily available locally or within a certain geographical boundary.

Choose Vanator RPO firm in USA for flawless and premium recruitment. Unlock top talents with seasoned recruiters and remain stress-free! We handle it all – sourcing, screening, and hiring. We analyse each candidate and then bring you the best as per your custom needs. We hire across borders for improved efficiency along with using latest technology to source candidates.

With us now , you can say goodbye to hiring headaches; and hello to success!

Vanator RPO firms represent a structured business process assisting companies in handling intricate service components. 

Proficient RPO firms in the USA can provide comprehensive sourcing support, effectively managing critical recruitment aspects for your organization. Essentially, they function as an extension of your internal hiring team, decentralizing the recruitment process to industry experts.

Acquiring talent is a significant endeavor critical to achieving goals and ensuring promising outcomes. 

Skillful recruiters within an RPO firm focus on hiring competent candidates from the market, capable of delivering exceptional results to benefit your organization in the long run. 

RPO firms in the USA play a pivotal role in aiding businesses to make informed decisions and efficiently manage their core activities.

Additionally, recruitment process outsourcing contributes to cost reduction, offering businesses the advantage of improved branding and more effective marketing management.

We at Vanator help you set your priorities and connect with high yielding RPO staff for better prospects in coming years . 

Trusted recruitment’s and global branding is done efficiently by our Vanator RPO firm. Management at it’s best, deadlines are met with great quality hires and cost effective solutions to reach all your business objectives .

Our RPO firm is dedicated to help you build with unmatched RPO solutions and help you overcome day to day challenges for a clear vision of future. Strategic hiring, scalability, task force management all assured and delivered by trusted staff under expert supervision . 

Vanator RPO firm is dedicated towards boosting your performance and raising your standards with tailor made and refined solutions.
With Vanator we bring to you higher expertise and superior technology for your business. 

Bringing to your door-step high-end RPO solutions for your business with Vanator RPO firm. 

We believe in delivering speed and scalability to attain an edge over other competitors with AI based recruitment services.

Vanator RPO firm successfully establishes a balance between human expertise and superior technology in order to deliver quality results.

Employees at Vanator RPO firm are dedicated towards the goal and work on 24/7 sourcing support to attain promising results.