Best IT Recruiters in Canada

Are you looking for the best IT recruiters in Canada? If yes, then you’ve come to the most righteous place. Today’s highly competitive market is presenting a lot of tough challenges in the hiring and recruiting process. 

There are numerous opportunities to look for, but unfortunately a gap is arising and is hindering the entire IT recruitment industry.

The only people who have the power to fill this gap are known as the IT recruiters in Canada. They can bridge the gap and while facing these challenges provide you excellent IT recruiting solutions.

These people have the skill to find you an IT professional for every job level. Multiple firms in the market provide IT recruitment services, but only a few of them are reliable and 100% commendable.

In today’s blog, we will list out these professional IT recruiters in Canada and compare between them, helping you to decide for whom to approach for IT recruiting needs!

Key Takeaways:

How To Choose The Best IT Recruiters In Canada?

Choosing the best IT recruitment agency can be a hassle, it feels very similar to looking for a waterfall in a barren desert. You require the perfect blend of sourcing, screening, and recruitment services. A top-tier IT recruitment agency will ease the process for you.

Investing in an in-house recruitment team drains a dozen of resources. Simply investing in an IT recruitment agency would get you better results as they are dwelled in knowledge and are professionals when it comes to finding an IT professional. 

It will save you through the tiring work of screening resumes and scheduling interviews, sorting out the best fit based on your requirements. 

Professional IT recruiters in Canada will act as your talent scout and find you a candidate which is not only the mirror image of your requirements, but also aligns with your missions and vision.

From Falling In Recruiting Pitfalls To Hiring Top IT Talent

In the vast pool of IT profile resumes, are you facing problems trying to find the best fit for your company? There are a few reasons for why this is happening with you:

The Experience Filter

We understand that you want a highly experienced and well-skilled IT employee for your company but sometimes it is just okay to go for a candidate who is curious and willing to learn and work with you in the long run.

Skipping the Assessment

A lot of IT firms in Canada do not assess the candidate through an assignment because of the tiring and resource utilizing process. Here is where the best IT recruiters in Canada come in, they go through an end-to-end hiring process which includes assessment. 

Hence, giving you the best fit, along with saving your time and resources.

Limited Talent Acquisition Resources

Typically this problem arrives with most small-scale businesses who only work with a few or one talent acquisition specialists. The talent acquisition specialists wouldn’t be able to correctly assess the candidate as well as you will spend even more resources on checking the assignments. 

Hiring an IT recruitment agency will make things easy for you as an expert IT recruiter will be Incharge of finding you the candidate. Step away from making mistakes and hire an IT recruiter to make talent acquisition a headache free process for you!

Top 10 IT Recruiters in Canada

Top 10 IT Recruiters

It is difficult to select the best IT recruiters in Canada because there are various factors which influence success. But we still have to go through, so here is the list of best IT recruitment companies in Canada:

Vanator RPO

Vanator RPO

Vanator RPO is a leading Canadian IT recruiting agency which specializes in hiring IT professionals, regardless of the post and size of your business. 

They have an expert team of IT recruiters who have a knack in finding the most suitable candidate who firmly aligns with your business goals.

Vanator RPO’s recruiters are experienced and are well aware about all the IT trends. They understand the needs of your business and provide budget-friendly IT recruiting services! 

Being in the industry for so long, they have a well-established network of recruiters for all kinds of industries.

Robert Half

Robert Half

Robert Half is one of the best IT recruitment companies in Canada. They are known as global leaders when specialized staffing is required. They have a good presence in Canada, and are also known for the variety of IT positions recruitment they offer. 

They have helped companies hire more than 100,000 employees overall. The number talks about the amount of experience they have serving the industry for many years. They go the extra mile to bring you the IT talent you require.


The Adecco Group

The Adecco Group is a talent acquisition powerhouse. They are widespread throughout the globe and even extend to Canada where they become an unrealistic provider of IT professionals. With their award-winning track record, they can easily be considered as one of the best IT recruiters in Canada.

If you are looking to hire a recruitment agency for hiring an IT professional, then you should really check out The Adecco Group. They save a lot of your resources and time bringing a wide talent pool of IT resumes for your specific needs.


Randstad Canada

Randstad is a global giant for bringing new talent every day. They are your partners for building the dream tech team! Randstad has a global presence and has a beautiful network of IT recruiters in Canada, which will help you connect to a diverse pool of IT talent.

This is your hint to stop reading and assessing hundreds of half-baked resumes and get in touch with Randstad Canada to get the candidate you’ve been looking for in ages!

Hudson RPO-


Hudson has been a vital contributor in the recruitment industry for a long time. They are a global leader in talent acquisition and have commendable knowledge of the Canadian IT market. They are the talent scouts who do not let one resume cross under their nose. 

They are not one of your average recruitment agencies. Hudson has a good network of IT professionals and recruiters, which help you find a good fit for your business. 

They offer permanent as well temporary/contract-based recruitment services. Invest in them and watch tech evolve at your business!


Kelly Services

Kelly Services is one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in Canada. They have been in the recruitment business for a long time now. Their beautiful client database showcases how much of a help they have provided to the Canadian firms who are looking to recruit IT professionals.

They are always updated with all tech trends and have it all needed to find the right talent for you. Their promise of delivering growth and value always attracts clients and is one of the reasons why people go to Kelly Services for IT recruitment services.



DevTalent specializes in providing IT recruitment services in Canada. As their name stands they provide for any tech job throughout the entire North America. They help you source, recruit and hire IT professionals who will revolutionize your tech workspace. 

Unlike other recruiting agencies, DevTalent solely offers IT recruitment services and are experts when it comes to providing tech talent based on their client’s needs.

TM8 Recruitment

Ranked #1 in Vancouver on UpCity for its IT recruiting services, TM8 Recruitment has solidified its name by proven track record in providing premium recruitment services. They are one of the best IT recruiters in Canada. Situated in the western part of Canada they have been in the industry for more than 10 years. 

TM8 has an IT talent pool of more than thousands of candidates and has been serving the top companies in Canada including Fortune 1000! If you are looking for a firm offering tailored IT recruitment services, then TM8 is the answer for you!

Michael Page Canada

Michael Page Canada is a seasoned leader offering top-notch IT recruitment services in Canada. They are experts in providing mid-to-senior level IT professionals. If you are looking to hire a senior level IT professional, then Michael Page Canada might work wonders for you. 

They have a wide talent pool, and are well-versed with all the industry trends. They will not shy off from being your partner in providing the best IT recruitment services in Canada.

Nexus System Group

Nexus System Group

Nexus System Group has been leading from the front when it comes to offering one of the best IT recruitment services in Canada. With their talent acquisition experts at bay for your help, you can be assured to acquire the top IT talent in Canada. 

They have been serving the IT recruitment industry in Canada for a long time now and have expertise in part-time and permanent recruitment! They are known for their unmatchable recruitment results worldwide

The Bottomline

Navigating and browsing through thousands of IT professional resumes and sorting out the perfect fit for your business is not an easy task. 

The best IT recruiters in Canada will lift your burden by providing top-notch IT talents and guidance throughout the recruitment process. 

The 10 best IT recruitment agencies we have mentioned in the blog have established themselves in the market. Proving to be the best in the business.

At Vanator RPO we ensure that we meet your requirements, finding you an expert IT candidate who will not only boost the skill level of your workspace but also be a critical part of your dream tech team!

Igniting Your Company's Potential with the right talent!

Our RPO Experts Redefine Recruitment for an Inspired Workforce and Sustained Growth. We go miles on search for your best fit.


In Canada, recruiters generally charge 15-30% of a candidate's first year’s gross salary. The share may vary on the basis of the seniority of the role. As for a junior level employee the cost would be around 15%, for a medium level employee it can be 20% or 25% and up to 30% for the senior level candidate.

Offshore recruiters are people who bring you a talent pool of worldwide candidates. Meaning that they will hire a candidate way beyond your state’s borders. Providing you the access to a wider specialty talent pool. At Vanator RPO, we provide you with offshore recruitment services!

Canada’s job market is in high turbulence at the moment. Multiple jobs are being created every hour. The major industries that are offering lots of jobs are: IT, healthcare, and scientific fields.

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