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Are you also looking to expand your business and scale up but struggling to find the right method to do so? 

In such a scenario you definitely know that the future of your company depends on attracting excellent personnel. 

For which you will require candidate sourcing in Canada. By creating a talent pipeline for your personnel sourcing efforts, you may hire the most qualified candidates for your future expansion. 

High productivity and reduced staff turnover are guaranteed with the appropriate individual. 

However, selecting the incorrect applicant may result in a temporary employee being trained, which will cost money, and damage to your company’s culture.

You might not understand now but this one is a challenging issue. 

In addition to being able to target the best professionals for the role, your recruiting team through candidate sourcing in Canada must be able to efficiently manage the application process.

In order to make the most out of candidate sourcing in Canada, you must create a comprehensive plan that specifically targets the proper applicants as you expand your talent pipeline. 

Online recruiting efforts might involve things like developing your career page on the website and using online platforms to market your business as an interesting place to work. 

Don’t forget to use offline hiring strategies, such promoting employee recommendations and going to events to meet potential applicants face-to-face.

Key Takeaways:

Candidate Sourcing In Canada - What Is it?


Just so you know -The process of actively seeking out competent applicants is known as talent sourcing. 

By means of this procedure, your team interacts with potential applicants who can be added to your talent pool for the purpose of filling present and future roles.

Creating an employer brand to help prospects see the advantages of working for your organization is one example of this kind of outreach recruiting under candidate sourcing in Canada.

While only 36 percent of workers are actively seeking a new opportunity at any given time, a staggering 90 percent of them are open to speaking and learning more. 

A lot of people apply when they are looking for talent. Both passive and active applicants are part of this talent pool; without your efforts to source prospects, such as recruitment marketing, they would not be aware of your business or available positions. 

You have this talent pipeline available for the best of the results possible to provide through candidate sourcing in Canada.

As per our benchmarking data on recruiting, sourced candidates are over twice as effective as those who apply. 

On average, one out of every 72 prospects who are sourced is hired. By contrast, only one out of every 152 external applicants is hired. When you take into account that applicants are actively engaged, while sourced prospects could not be, that number becomes even more remarkable.

How To Make Candidates Feel Participating

Getting candidates involved in the hiring process is a good way to find talent better through candidate sourcing in Canada. 

It enhances your job brand and increases your attractiveness to potential employers. It also allows for future consideration of applicants who did not get the job but might be a good fit.

You may turn away applicants who have previously expressed interest in working for your organization if you aren’t actively developing an engagement plan. 

For your pipeline, this can be a goldmine of talent. One advantage of  candidate sourcing in Canada is that they believe in maintaining those channels of contact.

If you want applicants to want to re-engage in the future, you must provide them an excellent experience. Candidates should be properly archived to make them easy to locate later.

The Benefits Of Using A Talent Pool For Sourcing

Locate Candidates With Ease

Lets begin with what they do best. Easily searching and locating possible candidates within your own system is one of the main benefits of employing a talent network tool for candidate sourcing in Canada . 

You can instantly receive a list of suitable applicants by setting different parameters for the qualifications you are looking for (such as years of experience, expertise, and location). 

Given that these applicants have already shown interest in working for your organization, they are probably an even better fit.

All Of The Source Data At One Location

As with the first point, your life will be much easier if you have all of the information about your applicant pipeline in one location. 

It will help you and your team make better decisions overall and save you time and money. 

It also makes information available to all team members and can be shared with colleagues who are not on the recruiting team.

Find Applicants That Don't Currently See Any Opportunities On Your Website

It is simpler to receive immediate applications from applicants who specifically mention a position in which they are highly interested. 

What about applicants that are interested in your business but aren’t a fit for any of the positions you currently have open? 

Successful sourcing depends on these candidates, who you should ideally keep in contact with and develop a connection with. 

You can maintain communication with them until a position that suits them becomes available by giving them the option to join your talent pool

Preserve The Details Of Sourced Candidates Securely Inside Your Pipeline

It might surprise you but a recruiter used to maintain these connections and store this data in their own files when sourcing applicants. 

And they were unfortunate enough to be able to take those applicants and all of their data with them when they transferred to a new employer. 

But when you have a talent pool, all of the candidate data is securely kept in your system, along with the email and call logs and any notes that are made.

Maintain A Candidate Pool


You frequently meet applicants during the sourcing process who are unfamiliar with your business. 

You need to persuade them not just about the role but also about your organization. 

You have a pipeline of applicants who have already shown interest in your business when you have a talent pool. 

By remaining in touch, sending them nurturing emails and newsletters, and providing them with relevant openings, you may keep them “warm.” 

In this manner, you will be the first organization they think of when they’re ready for a new job.

Enhanced Candidate Encounter

You will ultimately provide a better applicant experience by keeping sourcing candidates “warm.” 

Your brand resonates with the candidates in your talent pool. 

Candidate sourcing in Canada providers get the impression that your firm values them and that you keep them updated on corporate developments when you maintain contact with them. 

Because the former candidate is more acquainted with your company culture, this will also result in a positive onboarding experience and overall work experience.

Source That Complies With GDPR

In today’s recruiting world, GDPR is an important topic. When designing their recruitment strategy, recruiters through candidate sourcing in Canada must take this into account. 

You may ensure that all data is preserved and deleted in accordance with privacy rules by storing all of the information from your sourced prospects in a talent pool.

Its a wrap

When sourcing, a person’s actions are always in the air. Most recruiters have had to do this up until now, but managing all of that activity in documents and spreadsheets can easily become out of control. 

It’s always crucial to use the appropriate recruiting tools. Because the top prospects are in such high demand, winning them over to your team will require greater strategic thinking. 

When there is fierce competition for elite talent, you must go out and locate the kind of applicants your company needs to flourish. 

You may choose the ideal recruit for your team by using these candidate sourcing tactics to fill your pipeline with competent candidates. It you are also a business looking forward to find potential candidate sourcing in Canada-  click here


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