Top Finance Staffing Companies in USA

Finance staffing companies play a pivotal role in connecting talented professionals with organizations in need of financial expertise. 

In the dynamic landscape of the United States, these firms serve as crucial intermediaries, sourcing and placing skilled individuals across a spectrum of financial roles.

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What All It Takes


Ranging from accounting and auditing to financial analysis and management, these staffing companies contribute to the efficient functioning of businesses nationwide. 

By meticulously assessing the qualifications, experience, and aspirations of job seekers, they ensure that the right candidates are matched with the right opportunities. 

In this article, we delve into some of the top finance staffing companies in the USA, exploring their dedication to bridging the gap between exceptional talent and enterprises seeking financial acumen.

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List Of The Firms

1. Manpower

Manpower is a well-known finance staffing company that offers a wide range of staffing and recruiting services for finance and accounting professionals. 

With a vast network of offices across the country, they connect skilled candidates with various finance positions. 

Manpower doesn’t primarily focus on finance staffing; rather, they excel in broader workforce solutions. 

With a global presence in over 80 countries and territories, they connect businesses with skilled individuals across various fields. 

Their extensive network, spanning decades, has facilitated employment for millions, showcasing their expertise in workforce management.

2. Aerotek

It specializes in providing temporary and contract-to-hire staffing solutions for accounting and finance roles. 

They have a strong presence in the finance industry and offer tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs. Aerotek is a prominent finance staffing company in the USA, showcasing notable statistics. 

They’ve provided financial solutions for over 1,500 clients, building a reputation for excellence. 

With a dedicated team, they’ve placed finance professionals in thousands of roles, contributing to their impressive 93% client satisfaction rate and reinforcing their position as a top industry player.

3. Insight Global

Insight global is a global recruitment agency with a significant presence in the USA. 

They offer finance staffing services to help companies find qualified professionals for positions ranging from finance managers to analysts. 

Insight Global stands out as one of the premier finance staffing companies in the USA. 

With a track record of excellence, they specialize in identifying and placing top-tier finance professionals across various industries. 

Their commitment to understanding client needs and candidate aspirations allows them to facilitate ideal matches, fostering successful collaborations. 

Leveraging a vast network and industry expertise, Insight Global consistently delivers tailored staffing solutions, contributing significantly to the financial sector’s workforce.

4. Allegis Group

Allegis Group is a global staffing firm that also operates in the finance sector. 

They help clients find qualified finance professionals through their extensive network of candidates. 

It employs strategic tactics to maintain its position. Their focus on comprehensive candidate evaluations ensures the alignment of skills with specific finance roles. 

They cultivate long-term relationships with clients, gaining insights into their evolving staffing requirements. 

By harnessing advanced technology and data analytics, Allegis Group streamlines candidate sourcing, selection, and placement processes. 

Their commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability to market trends enables them to consistently provide top-tier financial talent, solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner in the finance staffing arena.

5. AppleOne Employment Services

This firm focuses on connecting professionals in various industries, including finance and accounting. 

They offer personalized staffing solutions to match clients with the right finance talent. AppleOne Employment Services excels in comprehensive employment solutions, including finance staffing. 

Operating for over 60 years, they’ve placed thousands of candidates in diverse roles. 

With a strong commitment to client and candidate satisfaction, their impressive 94% customer retention rate underscores their success in providing tailored staffing services across industries, including finance.

6. Vanator

This company offers staffing services across multiple sectors, including finance. They aim to provide tailored solutions to help clients find the right finance professionals to meet their business goals. 

Vanator, a top finance staffing company in the USA, employs strategic tactics for success. They leverage advanced technology to match financial professionals with ideal roles efficiently. 

Their personalized approach and focus on building lasting relationships ensure precise placements, reinforcing their reputation as an industry leader.

7. Kforce

Focused exclusively on executive and leadership positions within the finance and accounting sectors, kforce is a premier staffing firm known for connecting top-tier talent with high-level finance roles. Kforce is a prominent finance staffing company in the USA, boasting a noteworthy track record. 

With over 50 years of experience, they’ve successfully served 70% of the Fortune 100. Their expertise ensures quality placements and innovative workforce solutions.

8. Randstad

Network offers finance staffing services that cover a broad spectrum of roles, from entry-level positions to executive roles. 

They focus on building long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.

9. Vaco

Vaco provides a range of consulting, contract, and direct hire solutions for various industries, including finance. 

They offer specialized services to help businesses find professionals with the right skills and experience. Vaco ranks among the top finance staffing companies in the USA, boasting impressive statistics. 

With a remarkable 98% client retention rate, they’ve successfully placed candidates in over 6,000 engagements. 

Vaco’s innovative approach, evident in their 40% growth year over year, highlights their commitment to delivering exceptional financial talent and services to meet evolving industry demands.

10. Express Employment Professionals

With a dedicated team focused on finance and accounting staffing, Express Employment Professionals helps clients find both temporary and permanent finance professionals. They have a strong commitment to personalized service.

It’s A Wrap

These companies play a crucial role in helping businesses find qualified finance professionals to support their operations and growth. 

Whether it’s temporary staffing, executive searches, or direct hires, these firms offer a range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of their clients.


They tend to find open job opportunities or job board openings. They also use social media to expand their reach, another tactic is email marketing or cold emailing.

In order to succeed these staffing firms need to build a strong global network, focus on their niche, build a strong consumer base and develop a good strategy for their business.

Its either the people capable to recruit or the businesses and firms looking forward to recruit for themselves.

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