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By now you must be familiar with recruitment services however offshore recruitment services could be a new term to your ears!

Wondering what on earth are offshore recruitment services in Canada? We wont keep you waiting for long, we have got the perfect answers for all your queries, keep reading and they will be answered with extreme precision!

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Offshore Recruitment Services : About

offshore-recruitment- services

Well to begin with Offshore Recruitment Services provide employers with a cost-effective and efficient method of sourcing talent. 

Under this process companies hire employees from across the border to serve in their interest for a particular job role rather than hiring from their immediate vicinity or country for that matter. 

This is done with the sole purpose of cutting short on the budget while hiring potential candidates.

Global Ascendance

Global ascendance

Outsourcing their recruitment needs allows businesses to access a global talent pool that they wouldn’t be able to access on their own with such ease that comes to them through seasoned experts. 

Offshore recruiting services are these days  becoming more and more popular among small and giant businesses that want to source talent from all over the world and make the best use of this potential trend in market. 

By there competent engagement with candidates across globe and caliber to connect employers with job seekers in various countries, offshore recruitment services offer a plethora of benefits. 

These benefits include access to fresh talent, cost reduction in terms of hiring from low budget countries , and expanding your global reach.

In this blog ahead, we’ll help you  take a look at how offshore recruitment services in Canada  work and what you should be  expecting out of them. 

We’ll cover everything for you, right down from selecting the right company to understanding how the hiring process works and helping you understand about how to set expectations.

Keep reading ahead in order to learn as much possible about offshore recruitment services and make a wise choice if you ever go on to use either of these services .

Offshore Recruitment Services: Benefits

offshore-recruitment -services-benefits

Using an offshore recruitment service can be a great way to save time, boost up your personal branding, and hire the right people for the job. 

Offshore recruitment services offer cost-effective solutions, tailored solutions for a variety of clients, top-notch technology, and the ability to cater to organizational growth. 

Plus, they can help you find the right candidates for your position. Let us help you understand better-

Economising Tasks

Offshore recruitment services offer very cost effective recruitment solutions. 

When you go on to hire from countries that offer labour at lower wage rate, you help yourself in reducing the overall hiring expense and manage the overheads accordingly along with hiring high quality candidature.

Global Talent At Disposal

These services bring the world at your doorstep, they help you gain access to promising talent from across the globe. 

They also help you in talent allocation services for niche roles that could not possibly be filled locally by your in house teams due to either lack of resources or availability.

Added Efficiency

The major beneficiary here is the client firm who gets to use the time zone differences to their best potential. 

If you have a work zone variation from the county that you hired in , you get to double up your productivity by effectively having people to work for you round the clock- some in your time zone the others in their time zone . 

Resulting in more productivity and enhanced efficiency through outsourcing offshore recruitment services.


Yhe best part about offshore recruitment services is that they can be procured based on the time span and requirements. 

You don’t have to go all in to train people and pay them regularly for a job role instead you can hire already trained people for a time specific project. 

These staffing firms also offer temporary and permanent recruitment assistance. Thus bringing you to a stage of robustness and flexibility.

Top listed Offshore Recruitment Services Providers

In the presence of global reforms taking place every now and then, the economy of the world has experienced a major shift in patterns.

However on the flip side of this reform, recruitment firms all over the world have come to the rescue for all major industries and helped them in figuring out how to recruit better.

These recruitment agencies have helped seize the difficulties that industries face while obtaining good quality talent for their job requirements.

1. Insight Global

Located in Calgary , established in 2001. This offshore recruitment firm has come up in the market as a major purpose driven recruitment agency operating with more that 50 offices across Canada and USA.

They have evolved as an industry leader more than just some firm which delivers talent for its clients , they also offer consultation services.

2. Randstad

This firm is located at multiple locations in Canada and works to high quality offshore recruitment services to its clients. 

Their recruitment services are data driven and managed by top industry experts. 

They offer all sorts of recruitment services be it temporary or permanent they have got it all sorted for your business.

3. Vanator RPO

This recruitment agency is functional in Canada, US and UK. They offer multifunctional offshore recruitment services for businesses. 

They acquire top notch talent from the wide pool of candidates with the help of seasoned expertise brought on the table by their proficient recruiters. 

They are known well for their equipped screening strategies and 24/7 management support solutions.

4. Aerotek

This offshore recruitment firm operates in multiple locations including Canada, US , Asia Pacific. 

They specialise in industries like government services, life sciences, transportation, energy, construction, Consumer and industrial goods, e-commerce and distribution and many more. 

They have been in the industry for around 30 years now. Their aim and criteria is to match industry top talents with outstanding firms who are associated with them.

5. Creative Circle

As the name suggests this offshore recruitment services provider has inclined its services towards a more creative outlook at resolving talent related situations. 

This firm is well known to staff for companies that are as big as fortune 500 firms.

6. Appleone

This firm was established back in 1964, they are US based and operating in multiple Canadian locations. 

Their mantra is to add human touch and strategise their recruitment based on human instincts. 

They have a database of candidates gathered after a rigorous screening process. 

They connect with each candidate on a personal level to understand their potential better and then employee them with the client brand that is best suited.

7. Motion Recruitment

This one holds its speciality in recruiting for the IT domain. They are located in Toronto, Canada and are functional since 1989. 

They are a trusted brand when it comes to offshore It recruitments and have earned this name after years of hard-work and experience that has landed them good talent which they further pass on yo their clients.

8. USTECH Solutions

This one came into existence in year 2000 and is widely functional in many locations apart from Canada like Ireland, Gordon, Australia, London, Dublin, UK and more. 

They specialise in industries like Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, IT, Retail and Distribution, Aerospace and Defence, finance and many more. 

Their 20% of the business comes from fortune 500 brands and they take pride in being a established minority business enterprise.

9. Devs_ Data

Established in 2015, located in Vancouver, Canada. This one is again an IT based offshore recruitment services provider. 

They have a vetted pool of top IT talent and they serve their clients with the top quality talent solutions.

10. Sunset Staffing Agency

Located in Toronto, Canada and established back in 2004 this very firm holds a-lot of experience and has managed to produce efficient recruitment strategies around industries like administration, manufacturing, general labour and more.

It’s A Wrap

These offshore recruitment services providers are firms that can play a major role in accelerating your business activities by buying you more time to invest in core business and helping you gain independence related to much important business tasks.

If you are someone wondering your way around outsourcing offshore recruitment services, here is your cue. Go on find you perfect match, explore the market and take initiative today.


On an average the minimal cost for a recruiter ranges from about 20-30% of an employee’s pay. This could be inclusive of overhead costs.

Recruitment is a basic activity performed under all economies currently. Canada is not left behind, they too have firms operating in their geopolitical locations that offer great recruiters.

Ersc refers to Employment and recruitment services in Canada.

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