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Hiring for your business is truly a nerve wrecking experience for any job profile in today’s market due to the enhanced competitiveness While looking for new talent one always desires to attain someone with new energy,

New possibilities, someone with a clear understanding or mindset about what they are setting out for. 

In such cases looking for expertise is the best way to bring in such potential candidature. Top RPO companies here come into play.

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About The Industry


 Accumulation of talent at reasonable wages or sometimes lesser wages is not every ones cup of tea.

However in order to determine talent and hire it further to work for you efficiently all you need is to bag a good partner from amongst the top RPO companies in UK.

These top RPO companies offer end-to-end approach  for reliable and flexible recruiting needs of your business. 

Care to learn more about the recruitment process , it’s benefits and what all wonders can it perform? Keep reading ahead probably while sipping a strong coffee (or however you like your’s)!

Defining Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing

RPO or recruitment process outsourcing is a very well curated business model wherein companies outsource their recruitment functionality to gain further efficiency, scalability quality on a lower cost. 

Here in the process a good sum of trained recruiters are brought together for assessing talent, onboarding , preparing for reports while leveraging latest technology and skilled expertise. 

RPO is a clearly defined process that would particularly reduce the cost per hire and time for it and measuring all the results for further return on investment.

Lets Talk About Top RPO Companies In UK

These are the front foot warriors of the industry pertaining to talent needs for big giants and small startups. 

They cater to all sort of industries and a variety of job roles. Their expertise is what grants them a position of being able to locate and hire top quality talent from across the globe. 

They understand your needs, analyse your situation and furthermore evaluate what candidate would suit you the best.

They are responsible for designing strategies, assessing talent on your behalf and getting them on board while doing their proper research about the candidate they hire.

They are the new matchmakers of industry and they help you find the best possible match as per your needs. 

Let’s walk you through some of such firms who are functioning really well in this direction-

1. Hudson RPO

This one is probably one of the oldest service providers and has managed to work it out well with it’s expertise, innovation, connections and worldwide access to talent.

They offer a full recruitment cycle that would usually include- Talent allocation, Resume formatting, Talent consultation, Virtual hiring events, Candidate on boarding etc.

2. Talent Solutions

They are experts in their area of work and this organisation has the vision to accomplish all your hiring challenges and attract good quality talent. 

Their approach is data driven and they have access to the best technological solutions with deep industry insights by experts.

3. Vanator LLC

They offer customised solutions and forge commitment based partnerships with their clients. 

They are known to offer talent with knowledge of related industry and they also empower businesses across the world. 

They serve a decent amount of industries and a wide spectrum of job profiles.

4. Resource Solutions

They offer world class recruiters with agile solutions for your business growth and attaining comprehensive results. 

They are expert providers in fields like finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals etc.

5. Guidant Global

They offer services based on the unique challenges that each client comes across. 

They have tailored solutions offered by workforce specialists and they work on the principle of building trust amongst their clients and the people they recruit. 

They have supply chain partners who associate with them for mutual growth benefits and this way they never run out of talent supplies.

6. Kelly Services

They are known to empower businesses across globe with their flexible approach towards recruitment and innovative talent allocation approach. 

They offer permanent recruitment services, temporary recruitment services and deal in sectors like Engineering, Renewable resources, Finance etc.

7. Impellam Group

This one offers globally connected talent solutions across a wide spectrum of categories and industries. 

They have a multi disciplinary candidate base and they serve the organisation with talent from all round the world.

8. Morson Talent

This one offers end to end recruitment related solutions along with multi country based services. 

They have a specifically curated program that is designed to suffice for specific needs of an organisation. 

It is a widely popular recruitment firm with world class vendor management system (VMS) along with latest technology at disposal for flexibility and scalability sake.

Their program is built with a critical approach towards obtaining comprehensive and desirable results. 

They also offer career advices and market insights of your business side by side for better impact and marketing material.

9. Rullion

This one is well known to offer a collective experience to it’s customers by managing its service providers, offering contingency in recruitment, selecting and screening candidates and offering on demand recruitment services. 

This is an England based firm offering agility and premium quality talent allocation for your business at the best possible cost.

10. STR Group

This one is a target specific recruitment firm who is also a global recruitment services provider. 

They offer a wide range of tailor made solutions with their well trained service providers. 

They excel in talent allocation, international recruitment services and automation of your hiring process.

Benefits That Top RPO Companies Serve With Us -

Benefits that top RPO companies serve us with

Saves Time, Money And Energy

The best part about RPO services is that you can rely on them for quality solutions and save a lot of time that you would rather invest elsewhere in core activities of your business which ultimately saves energy on not so important tasks of business like talent hunting and interviewing. 

The recruitment process at RPO’s is streamlined in a manner that they help you in cost cutting and managing resources at it’s best. 

A set of strategist’s and professional recruiters are dedicated to serve in your interest as a part of RPO services to provide you with best possible resolutions at affordable prices.

Global Marketing And Branding

Top RPO companies offer marketing and branding of your business. 

Creating brand awareness is the first step towards attracting potential candidates. Since RPO’s serve globally they offer an upper-hand in marketing services with their well established reach across borders and global networks. 

This is done simultaneously to the recruitment process and industry experts are assigned to work closely on the task.

Enriched Candidate Quality

RPO firms keep an eye on all available talent in market and have a vetted pool for themselves. 

So it is easy for them to reach candidates as per the job requirements. 

Top RPO companies offer experts and professionals who are up to date with industry advancements and on going trends and thus they have higher probability of selecting and recruiting good quality candidates for a certain profile as per the need of hour.

Moreover the refined process of multiple layers of screening can be given credit for high quality recruit’s. RPO services ensure to fill the shelves with top notch talent.

Scalability And Flexibility

RPO services are well built in advance to meet the needs of scalability and flexibility. RPO’s have specialist to flex and scale the process whenever needed. 

With drastic rapid changes each day in every industry RPO’s now come prepared to tackle with all potential challenges. 

Using latest technology and up-skilling the staff, meaningful initiatives and interesting strategies all come hand in hand with RPO services. 

These assure scalability and flexibility of usage and services.

Value Added Services

Top RPO companies also offer value added services like management and training of the task force which could be a tedious task. 

Ensuring retention of employees is a prominent service that saves a hole in pocket of employer’s. 

These services also include training of candidates at the start of journey to get accustomed to company norms and culture and also training of already existing employees for the purpose of up-skilling.

It’s A Wrap

Top RPO companies in UK offer a stepping stone to success for any business in todays industry. 

The complexity is such that in order to progress and maintain the momentum of profit outsourcing is a must in this post pandemic era. 

RPO services are an end to end solution to all recruitment needs ranging from identifying need of talent to screening and recruiting furthermore managing.

Top RPO companies are truly needed in current market sphere to survive the industry competition and manage effective allocation. 

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Recruitment process outsourcing is known by the acronym RPO. In order to achieve benefits in terms of cost, quality, efficiency, service, and scalability, a firm may choose to outsource all or a portion of the management of the recruitment function to an outside specialist.

The market for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) was estimated to be worth USD 6098.9 million in 2021. Over the course of the forecast period, it is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.62% and reach USD 8959.65 million by 2027.

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